About me

Hello, I am Gary Johnson

I have had the pleasure of teaching in Pleasanton USD for the last 11 years, my entire career. I started as a math teacher and I am now a full time engineering teacher, exclusively at Foothill High School, and I have always loved my school site, the students, and the community that I work in. When I first began working here, PUSD was the top job in the area because it paid the best. Over the last 11 years we are now paid the least.

I live in Livermore with my wife and two kids. My wife is also a teacher, and we have never been able to afford a house in Pleasanton. I feel I am even further away from that goal now than I was 10 years ago. Now life is more unaffordable than ever. Between mortgage, daycare, loans, health care, rising cost of food, etc., I am barely staying above water. I already work a second job. Retirement is future me's problem. I love my job and want to continue working here, but if I can get a $20K raise by moving to the new high school in Dublin, why wouldn't I do that? Many teachers are making that choice, or simply leaving teaching altogether. I chose to make this website because I cannot sit by and let myself and my fantastic colleagues continue to be taken advantage of by PUSD management.

Thank you for your support,

Gary Johnson

Foothill High School

Engineering Teacher